Oak Online Virtual Day School

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Our Curriculum

Integrated Literacy

Reading and Writing form the building block for communication FOR and ON learning. At Oak Learners, we approach Literacy through an Integrated approach, which means that Reading and Writing skills are taught within other subject areas, such as Science or Social Studies. Children develop strong literacy habits and communication skills through meaningful experiences with text.


Math is all around us and students at Oak Learners are taught to recognize Mathematical patterns and apply problem solving skills through real-world applications. Mathematics instruction at Oak Learners takes a very hands-on approach, using manipulatives as well as leveled workbooks to provide an enriched approach to learning Math.


We believe that STEM Education plays a very important role in educating young leaders of the 21st Century. The more students can observe, explore, question and design the world around themselves, the more they have the opportunity to construct true understanding of new concepts and ideas. The Arts is what then brings this learning to life and provides a context for deep emotional and social learning.

How Does Virtual School Work?

Due to the COVID-19 situation, all schools are closed in Ontario as well as many other places aroung the world. Oak Learners is built on the philosophy that everyday is a new opportunity to learn and we want to provide a daily learning opportunity for every child who is unable to attend school because of these closures.

Enrollment in Oak Learner’s Virtual School is on a week-by-week basis. Enrollment fees are $150 per week per student.

Classes “meet” virtually through a ZOOM conference daily for 2 hours with a qualified and experienced Ontario Teacher or ECE.

As a class, students will explore a new STEM topic each week through hands-on activities and/or live demonstrations as well as daily reviews of grade-level Literacy and Math skills.

Following the 2-hr daily class session, students will also be able to access online activity links and resources though the Oak Learners “Oak Online” portal to carry on learning throughout the rest of the day.

At the end of the week, each student will receive a certificate of completion as well as a breif record of the skills and concepts that were covered through the activities throughout the week.

Register Online

Weekly Virtual Day School classes are now open for registration. Browse the options below and register online. Spaces are limited.

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