October 9, 2018

News & Events at Oak Learners

This is your brain on music

Neuroeducation is playing a key role in the future of education, where the curriculum is based not just on teaching subjects but on preparing brains for learning. Research over the past several years has strongly identified links between language and music within the...

Shifting Families from Chaos to Calm

The Secret Tool that Can Instantly Shift Families from Chaos to Calm (and for some reason, nobody seems to ever talk about it)   “Did you brush your teeth?” “Don’t forget to pack your gym clothes.” “No TV right now, hurry up and eat your cereal.” “Did you put...

Kindness is Worthy

Every small act of kindness matters and has the potential to make a huge impact in the lives of others.   During our final week of summer camp, our theme was “Be The Change”. Students were inspired to share kindness with their friends and family and...
  Written by: Kelly Letros – Behaviour Therapist It started in a small Canadian community with two teenagers standing up for a boy getting mocked for wearing a pink shirt. Pink Shirt Day this year is on Feb 28th. It is now celebrated in countries around the world, seeking to
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On February 24, 2018, a pair of Grade 6 students from Oak Learners walked in solidarity with thousands of people across Canada to raise money and awareness for the homeless as part of the Coldest Night of the Year. Amelie and Daniela became very passionate about helping this vulnerable sector of
Unique Learning Styles Howard Gardner coined the term Multiple Intelligences first in 1983 to describe the evident fact that there are many different ways that people learn. Some people learn from listening, some from watching and others from doing. People also have different ways to express what they have learned:
Please join us for our Grand Opening Celebration, to be held on October 3rd at 6:30pm at Oak Learners, located at 394 Royal York Road. We want to recognize the efforts of so many people who have contributed to the expansion and new home of Oak Learners. Sperry Bilyea, founder
Our Fall programs kicked off this week and our new centre is full of life, love and music! Children in our Day School began exploring Healthy Bodies and came up with some fantastic questions they wonder about our bodies. They also took a trip to Mimico Library and learned how
Anxiety is one of the fastest growing concerns among school-aged children and youth in the school system these days. Many teachers and parents agree that children are under increasing pressure to perform in the classroom to keep up with standardized curriculum, all while having their time spent outside or in
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Throughout the summer Oak Learners offered a unique camp experience designed to engage naturally inquisitive and active children. Themes throughout the summer included Maker Mania, Canada 150, Aboriginal Art Around the World, Junior Scientists and Music, Movement and Make-Believe. Each week highlighted a topic children investigated through hands-on activities and
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Recognizing the need for increased support for students experience difficulty in the school system, Oak Learners brings together professionals to provide an enriched and supportive learning environment for their students. On July 6th, 2017, Oak Learners launches ‘Bridge The Gap’ a program offering Parents the opportunity to choose from a
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Children and education, teacher reading book to young students
Children are naturally good at learning – it’s what they do from the moment they are born! Children learn language, culture, social norms, and knowledge from everyone around them. For most children, learning doesn’t end when the school bell rings or when schools close for summer vacation. Most children are
It is with great pride that we share our exciting news with you!  Oak Learners is now a fully registered not-for-profit organization, enabling us to provide increased support  and expanding programming to the vibrant families in and around our neighbourhood.  We believe every child, no matter their ability and/or disability