Small Classes

6:1 ratio in all classes, allowing for personalized and enriched learning opportunities.

Outdoor Education

At least 2hrs every day is spent learning outside in our community and natural surroundings.

Experiential Learning

Hands-on learning and site-based learning.

Arts-Enriched Curriculum

Enhanced learning through the Arts with daily dance, music, movement, art and creative expression.

Learning Exceptionalities

Personalized instruction to support all learners, including Gifted, LD and Mental Health needs.


Integrated learning through Science, Technology, Engineer, Arts and Math.


Progressive, interdisciplinary, inquiry-based programming in a student-driven, teacher-facilitated, alternative enrichment learning environment. Each learner goes through a cyclical process of identifying their unique strengths, needs, goals, and interests. Through collaboration with teachers, peers, parents and members of their community, they design an inquiry-based project to guide their learning over the course of a term.

Oak Learners’ progressive, interdisciplinary, inquiry-based programming brings new learning opportunities and experiences through an integrated and immersive approach to education. Ontario Curriculum content and skill achievement guidelines are covered and enriched through a holistic approach to learning in a 21st century environment.


Students work together with teachers and peer-mentors to develop their individualized criteria for success and assessing their progress. Teachers track each students progress in alignment with Ontario curriculum standards, and at the end of each term, students, teachers and parents meet to conference, reflect and set goals for the next term. Reporting on assessment is designed for each student’s unique profile and will take place primarily through formal and informal student-led portfolio conferences.

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Oak Learners regularly reviews and implements precautions and enhancements to our camps and programming to protect the health and safety of our campers and our staff, as per the guidelines from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Toronto Public Health. Read more.


The Oak Learners Kindergarten program lays a strong foundation for an enriching educational journey. Experienced educators spend time exploring literacy, numeracy, science and so much more with children through a natural and inquiry-based program. Students may attend part-time or full-time as they enter into the first stage of their elementary education.

Lower Elementary (Grades 1-4)

Each day brings new learning opportunities through an integrated and immersive approach to education in the primary grades. Ontario Curriculum content and skill achievement guidelines are covered and enriched through a holistic approach to learning in a project-based and mixed-grade inquiry learning model.

Upper Elementary (Gr 5-8)

Our research-based approach to skills-based teaching provides students with a strong preparation for the High School grades. Students are encouraged to become advocates for their own learning to build learner self-awareness, confidence and motivation. Cross-curricular curriculum and real-world projects integrate skills for learning and solidify Ontario Curriculum expectations.

Oak Learners endeavours every day to inspire learning through an authentic skill-based curriculum. Our teachers nurture children’s natural curiosity about their world with student-centered experiences. 

Many research studies over the past decade links children’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health with time spent outdoors, experiencing nature. For example, students have been shown to have increased focus, confidence, self-esteem and overall feelings of happiness and satisfaction with school.

At Oak Learners, we believe every child can be successful when they belong to a truly supportive educational community. Academic excellence is enhaced with 30-50% of our school day being integrated with imersive Outdoor Education. This means that academic subjects like Math, Literacy, Science and Social Studies are taught, explored and shared in an authenic way: in the natural environment.  

Environmental Stewardship

Understanding the responsibility of caring for our local environment.

Navigation and Mapping

Developing skills to navigate the local community and trails.

Observation and Inquiry

Scientific investigation and STEAM integration sparked by natural observation and inquiry.

Sense of “Place” and Belonging,

Building an understanding our place and role in our community.

Local Culture and Heritage

Developing an appreciation for local culture, tradition and heritage.

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Our school year calendar runs 11 months and consists of 209 school days.


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