Within our Kindergarten Readiness and STEAM classes, early learning games and activities are a priority. A childhood favourite is “I Spy”. This game is a great way to keep our students connected to their learning and have fun. “I Spy” aims to help children improve language development, stimulate their minds and get familiar with their surroundings. It is also a great opportunity to work on their social skills when they play alongside other students in the classroom. They learn to take turns and practice amongst one another. 

Beyond the classroom, we encourage parents to use “I Spy” as a visual learning tool in any environment. From inside your home, the grocery store, I SPY books or even magazines, “I Spy” can help strengthen their memory skills as they search for different shapes or images and learn how to discriminate between them. 

Here’s an Oak Learner’s favourite used in Miss Doran’s Kindergarten Readiness Class! I Spy: Shapes Edition. This is a great activity for students to distinguish between shapes and colours! 

 Find some free printable worksheets to use at home at https://www.papertraildesign.com/i-spy-game-printables/  

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