In this video…  

  1. Set up your yoga mat if you have one, along with any yoga cards you might have 
  2. (If you have them) Ask your child to pick a card 
  3. Follow instructions on card to do pose
  4. Detailed step by step for video:
  5. Frog pose: Crouching down and positioning your legs like a frog, ensuring to touch the floor each time. Repeat 5-10 times
  6. Tickle Toes: with straight legs, reach for your toes and feel the stretch. *IMPORTANT* Please only bend as far as you can, if you cannot reach your toes that is perfectly okay! Just reach as far as you can go and tickle yourself wherever your hands touch 
  7. Snake pose: Lay on the floor stomach down. Place your hands underneath your shoulders and point your toes. Keeping your lower body on the floor, push your upper body up and hold. Your back should be slightly arched 


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