Children love to explore! They love to touch everything, see everything, smell everything, hear everything and even taste everything!

What better way to encourage safe exploration of their world than by teaching them about their 5 Senses!

Supplies needed: 


Step by Step: *you can either do 2 at a time or all. But I do recommend 2 at a time to give your child a little bit of a challenge

  1. Using scissors, cut out the picture cards 
  2. Set them up in a pile in front of the Senses papers
  3. Ask your child questions describing the cards so they can start to determine where they go. Some examples are: 
    • What do I use to smell?
    • Where do you think the skunk goes?
    • Do we use our eyes to eat? (and then have child correct you)
  4. When you have found a match, you can either just place the card on the space (and have it has a reusable game) OR glue/tape the answers in place 


Watch the above video with our Preschool teacher, Doran, as she guides young children through this activity!

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