This year we marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! Every April 22nd, this day is celebrated world wide and that is something that is truly special! It is a day where everyone, no matter the place or race of Earth’s population takes the time to acknowledge and remember that we all live on a pretty a pretty incredible planet. It is one of the days each year that everyone celebrates something together. 

At this time, the world is also experiencing and currently coping with something that effects us all. It has been awhile since everywhere in the world has the same reason they are struggling together.

But, we have to celebrate the good days and remember what is special in our lives. Thankfully, we have life and that is because of the Earth. SO, let’s celebrate and use the things it gives us to show its beauty.

Let’s make some art with nature!

Every child has a different imagination and here are some ways we can facilitate it!

Step 1: Look around! What draws your eye?

Step 2: Let’s collect! Choose two to three materials from nature (a leaf, a rock, a flower, etc) and find five of each to gather.

Step 3: Sort them! Put each of the products into piles to sort them.

Step 4: Find a background! You can use grass, wood, a table, the floor of your living room to put your materials together on.

Step 5: Imagine! Think of something you’d like to produce. It could be a shape (circle, square, heart, etc.) or an image! Anything!

Step 6: Create! Put it together, use the materials you chose to make your picture.

Step 7: Take a picture!

Step 8: Put your materials back into nature! Place everything back to the ground, anywhere you want. The materials you chose were decomposable. Which means that it will live another life in the Earth if it is put there!

Take it one step further and create a nature mandala!

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