Tween Yoga Chakra Journey (7-Week Series)

Today’s children, tweens, and teens all experience an increase in busyness, screen time, various activities, learning disabilities and special needs. Grounding down into the earth and developing self-awareness are important now more than ever. In this seven-week series we will definitely explore the physical practice of yoga, but we will go that step further that young tweens need these days. Each week will be themed with one of the seven chakras, and include chants, mudras, crystal work, energetic protections, meditations, diet recommendations, and overall self-exploration. The design of this program is to ensure the children warm up to this different style of philosophy, gain all the benefits they can, and create a safe intimate team setting. The style of learning will cover all learning styles from tactile movement, written worksheets, and interactive partner work.

Benefits for Tweens:
-Develops strength, flexibility, and balance
-Helps prevent sports injury
-Increase body awareness and self-confidence
-Helps manage stress of relationships, exams and life changes
-Balancing hormones
-Enhances creativity, and self-expression
-Increases ability to relax and focus on tasks

Week 1: Root chakra
Week 2: Sacral Chakra
Week 3: Solar Plekus Chakra
Week 4: Heart Chakra
Week 5: Throat Chakra
Week 6: Third-Eye
Week 7: Crown Chakra

Each week will include: Movement, meditation, mudras, crystals, chants, Sanskrit words, energy work, diet and balancing suggestions. Children are encouraged to explore each chakra outside of the class each week, and to wear the associated colour of each chakra to class (e.g. a red t-shirt the first week). Any tools they wish to bring like crystals they have, nature, art supplies, journals.

‘Children are not things to be molded but things to be unfolded’- Jess Lair

Scheduling: Wednesdays, 7-8pm

Fee Structure: $140 per 7-week session


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